Why Solar Needs More Women

15 Aug 2013   lucyejwoods

Like many technology-based sectors, solar in the UK is dominated by men. Lucy Woods asks where all the women are in solar and how the industry would benefit from an influx of female workers

This June a Climate Institute survey found out of 1,000 Australians, 93% of women asked said they loved solar – ranking it in their top three energy sources. In 2009, 90% of over 1,200 women in the US, (surveyed by non-profit groups: Women Impacting Public Policy and the Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment) said solar was important. In 2011, online installer locator Solar Guide estimated 25,000 people work in the US solar industry, but statistics specifying the number of female employees are nowhere to be found.

So where are all the UK solar women?


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