LSE Bees

Not the Bees: a new song by Octopuses

12 Sep 2016   lucyejwoods

Five-piece, Brighton-based, self-proclaimed “psychedelic indie-pop” band Octopuses is campaigning to raise awareness for the plight of bees. The campaign is asking bee-appreciators and environm..


China Dialogue

China kickstarting new coal boom in Pakistan

17 Mar 2017   lucyejwoods

In a region of Pakistan besieged by drought, and blessed with solar potential, China is funding the expansion of huge new coal projects Climate change has exacerbated droughts in the coal and solar..


Mining threatens Mongolia’s fragile environmental balance

25 Apr 2016   lucyejwoods

A fifth of Mongolian land has been earmarked for mining. Investors are so happy about this they have given a new moniker to the world’s second-biggest landlocked country: “Minegolia”. Mining..


Infra News

Lightsource planning new solar fund

23 Aug 2016   lucyejwoods

Lightsource Renewable Energy is planning to launch a solar fund seeded by its renewable obligation certificate (ROC)-backed portfolio, InfraNews has learnt. In an emailed statement, Paul McCartie, ..


Q2 Sector Spotlight: Brexit overshadows rising renewables activity

27 Jul 2016   lucyejwoods

Following the Brexit vote, it is unclear whether EU directives will continue to apply in the UK, potentially jeopardising subsidies to sectors such as waste to energy. For example, the EU Landfill Di..


Bidders lining up for National Grid’s “balancing” auction

02 Jun 2016   lucyejwoods

Investors are lining up to take part in the National Grid’s new electricity balancing services auction, with many offering battery storage solutions, InfraNews has learnt. Likely bidders include ..


LSE Sustainability

COP21 & the Greening of Paris: Célia Blauel comes to LSE

18 Mar 2016   lucyejwoods

There were some days when I thought: wow, this is so great! There are people from all over the world, coming to Paris, to save the planet. And then, there were days when I thought: but wait, if this ..



Filipinos should fight for renewable energy

07 Oct 2015   lucyejwoods

LONDON—Travelling the world reporting on renewable energy, I come across all kinds of marvelous wonders, from the United States’ spectacular 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes solar power plant, stockpil..


The Ecologist

Russia - has the world's biggest country turned against the environment?

22 Sep 2015   lucyejwoods

While other countries apply themselves to environmental challenges from climate change to nature protection, Russia - with its massive wealth of nature and natural resources - is stubbornly refusing t..


Solar Power Portal

The people want solar: thousands turn out for the London Climate March

22 Sep 2014   lucyejwoods

Fanfares, drums, whistles and giant shadows of a puppet savannah of animals, and – meters in diameter – black rolling bubbles of metaphoric black carbon lined the streets of London yesterday. T..


Who will represent solar in Cameron’s government reshuffle?

16 Jul 2014   lucyejwoods

In a monumental re-shuffle to seemingly oust the “stale, pale and male” shackles of Cameron’s cabinet, the solar industry has some new parliamentary voices, but will the newbies lift the scandal..


PV Tech

Recom announces women in solar scholarship following sexism claims

16 Oct 2013   lucyejwoods

Greece-based solar module supplier, Recom, previously accused of "sexist" marketing campaigns, has announced a scholarship for women working in solar. Recom is offering two candidates a financial a..


Solar’s future fantasies

13 Sep 2013   lucyejwoods

Just decades before the moon landing, space venture was preposterous science fiction. Submarines and robots were also once the preserve of the fantasists, not to mention the technological miracle now ..


Uncertain future for Ukraine’s PV power plants

12 Mar 2013   lucyejwoods

As Russia strengthens its grip on Crimea, the fate of PV power plants in the region and in wider Ukraine is in limbo. Crimea is home to some of Ukraine’s largest PV power plants, most of which ha..


Solar Business Focus

Why Solar Needs More Women

15 Aug 2013   lucyejwoods

Like many technology-based sectors, solar in the UK is dominated by men. Lucy Woods asks where all the women are in solar and how the industry would benefit from an influx of female workers This Ju..


Solar’s role in plugging the Pakistan energy gap

01 Aug 2013   lucyejwoods

A land of Himalayan rivers for hydro power, un-farmable plains for wind turbines and vast stretches of sun baked desert, ripe for solar development: Pakistan is a bounty of natural energy reserves –..



Facing oversupply, Indonesia scales back its coal-based electricity plan

17 May 2017   lucyejwoods

- In 2014, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced plans to generate an additional 35,000 megawatts of electricity by 2019, much of it to be fueled by coal. - Last month, energy minister Ignasiu..


Downstream from a coal mine, villages in Indonesian Borneo suffer from water pollution

23 Mar 2017   lucyejwoods

East Kalimantan, in Indonesian Borneo, hosts rare expanses of biologically rich tropical rainforest. It also has rich deposits of coal — according to Greenpeace data, around 75 percent of the provin..


Renewable Energy Association

Electric vehicles: energy revolution or tiresome hype?

05 Oct 2016   lucyejwoods

Some say electric vehicles (EVs) are pointless; driverless vehicles, public transport and hydrogen cars threaten to eclipse current EV models. Others are adamant EVs are essential for a decentralised,..


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