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Al Gore likens climate movement to suffrage and abolition of slavery

07 Jul 2017   lucyejwoods

Gore says Trump’s withdrawal from Paris agreement is akin to resistance faced by other great moral movements Al Gore: It is “clearly wrong to destroy the prospects of living prosperously ..


Facing oversupply, Indonesia scales back its coal-based electricity plan

17 May 2017   lucyejwoods

- In 2014, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced plans to generate an additional 35,000 megawatts of electricity by 2019, much of it to be fueled by coal. - Last month, energy minister Ignasiu..


Downstream from a coal mine, villages in Indonesian Borneo suffer from water pollution

23 Mar 2017   lucyejwoods

East Kalimantan, in Indonesian Borneo, hosts rare expanses of biologically rich tropical rainforest. It also has rich deposits of coal — according to Greenpeace data, around 75 percent of the provin..


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Protesters fill Parliament Square to oppose Donald Trump, defend migrants and support environmental rights

21 Feb 2017   lucyejwoods

Last night a reported 7,000 protesters crowded Parliament Square to oppose US president Donald Trump visiting the UK. The ‘Anti-Trump Defend Migrants’ rally focused on opposing anti-migrant policy, racism and islamophobia. The rally was hel


Unprecedented climate change investigation begins: what does this mean for renewables?

04 Oct 2016   lucyejwoods

A human rights investigation into the carbon emissions of 47 companies begins in the Philippines this month. The investigation is an inquiry into human rights violations as a result of climate change. The inquiry focuses on 47 so-called ‘Carb


New Scientist Live: climate science gets personal and why there are still so few women in STEM

24 Sep 2016   lucyejwoods

The New Scientist Live event kicked off at the London Excel centre yesterday. There are giant inflatable microbes, cute blinking teacher-robots, the fastest cars on the planet, nonchalant astronauts and intriguing exhibits galore. Focusing on clim


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